Road Construction Solutions Division



Placement of Traffic Drums in MINUTES rather than HOURS

Pick and Placement speeds up to 10 MPH


DHU Operators are in the cab of the Truck or on the drum storage trailer deck.

Drum Placement Crew work out of the traffic flow ..... OUT OF HARMS WAY.


The DHU is an automated pick and place unit.

  • Operators select mode of operation, 

  • Driver pilots the truck along the path for the Drums

  • Machine handles the rest.

With Nuquest RCS Traffic Flow Solutions

Construction crews get to the REAL WORK of Road Construction quicker. 

Faster Placement and Removal of Traffic Drums Means:

  • Traffic flow restriction times are reduced.

  • Traffic flow patterns can be changed quicker.

  • Drums can be removed from highways.

  • No Storing Drums on the Roadside

  • Improved Drum Inventory Management

  • Increased Drum Invesement Life 

The DHU Traffic flow solution will get traffic back to Normal Faster, minimizing traffic congestion, and reducing potential for accidents.
More efficiency and productivity in work flow means increased Project Profits.
RCS Division
Road Construction Solutions


Automation at the Touch of the Operator


  • Pickup Right Side

  • Pickup Left Side

  • Pickup Both Sides

  • Place Right Side

  • Place Left Side

  • Place Both Sides

  • Place Drum Intermediate Positions

  • Transfer Drums from or to Either Side

  • Manual Place

Select Your Mode of Operation
  • Choose Automatic or Manual Operation

  • Choose Mode of Operation

  • Select Placement Distance

Setup Machine for Job
  • Machine Tells Drive Optimum Speed for Maximum Productivity

  • Bar Indicator Shows Too Slow, Too Fast, or in the Sweet Spot

  • Start, Stop, Pause Sequence

Driver Monitoring
  • Get Drum Handling OFF the Road Faster

  • Get Construction Crews to Work Faster

  • Traffic Flow Patterns can be Changed Faster

  • Get Construction Done Faster

  • ALL this Getting Traffic Back to Normal Faster

  • Return on Investment is Faster

  • Keeping Drum Crews Out of Harm's Way is Safer

  • Keeping Drum Crew OFF the Road is Safer

  • Getting Crews Done Faster is Safer

  • Changing Traffic Flow Patterns Faster is Safer

  • Safer is Faster Return on Investment